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Liam MacDougall (he/him) is an actor, deviser, improviser, game master, and fight choreographer based near Atlanta GA. Liam gravitates towards work that brings imagination to life. He is also deeply invested in work that lifts marginalized communities. Born to deaf parents, he is especially close to the deaf community. As a hearing person, he has internalized and been humbled by the experiences of his parents. A driving force and major goal in his work is to create space for his collaborators to feel confident playing within.


In 2015, he co-founded Scrappy Shakespeare, a group of like-minded theater professionals offering touring performances of Shakespeare in non-traditional spaces. Their performances were staged in bars, parks, and courtyards all over the southeast, free for all attendants, with the intention of bringing the shows to audiences who might not normally attend. COVID has drastically affected the long-term prospects of the company, but there is hope they will return again one day!


Liam graduated from Brown/Trinity Rep in May ’22 with an MFA in acting. He also trained in Chicago at iO Theatre and CIC Theatre, honing his improvisational and collaborative skills. He performed as an improviser in many Chicago venues before beginning his MFA career at Brown. He is hungry for new projects big and small!

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